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Technology and digitization in industry represents an essential incentive towards achieving an increase in the ability of an enterprise to play an important role in a global market. To be able to identify specific areas of opportunity in a real time or Dynamic manner is of great importance when working on process improvements. Digitization represents a real step change these days creating new possibilities for growth and development in your enterprise.

The use of new technologies for automation and digitization allows for a better management of your enterprise resources facilitating access to:

  • Real Time Production Data pertaining to your assets.
  • Multiplatform (mobile, web) & Accessible via API (application program interface).
  • Collaborator and User Data Involved in your process.


Automation of processes allows greater precision, reduces production times and costs, for this it is important to have access to software that allows a correct management and documentation of information; OPTIS (Online Production Tracking System) offers a multi-platform connectivity that allows a more efficient data flow that helps decision making by providing real insights.

There is a major improvement in the quality of information through the use of OPTS thanks to biometric and facial recognition integration; its adaptability to each enterprise ́s needs allows also for flexibility and reliability and ensures all users involved in your manufacturing process are connected through real time information.

We ensure that work flows are traceable from the receipt of a client purchase order, development designs, work instructions, and the approval of each of the production operations conforming to quality assurance best practices for the industry and keeping a record of all parts and its operations as required by norms such as AS9100.

Application characteristics:

  • Real time online monitoring.
  • Area integrations.
  • Modular design.
  • Real Time data.
  • Flexible and multiplatform.
  • Cloud AWS friendly.


Route Cards allow shop floor personnel to control production and planning processes as they detail the sequence of operations, consumables and work instructions necessary for a proper operation. In essence, they transmit knowlege from an Engineering perspective to operators in which the business is reliant upon for obtaining an acceptable product.

Integration as a Benefit

  • Guarantee the correct execution of SOPS/Work instructions.
  • Improve the quality of information fed to the shop floor (supervisors, quality inspectors)
  • Access to real time data such and documentaion required for production activities.
  • Modern API and web integrations such as facial recognition, NFC, etc.
  • Increase sense of operator empowerment and awareness towards achieving production goals.
  • Data integrity and backups; including cloud integration that complies with current norms.

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Production Modules

  • Work Orders
  • Client PO
  • Part Maintenance
  • Traveller/Route Card
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Reports

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Tier 1s

All Tier 2s features


Administration Modules

  • Supplier POs
  • Purchasing
  • Warehousing
  • Reports

Top level


All Tier 1s features


Custom Development

  • Tailor made modules based on user requirements.

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