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Technology and digitization in industry represents an essential incentive towards achieving an increase in the ability of an enterprise to play an important role in a global market. To be able to identify specific areas of opportunity in a real time or Dynamic manner is of great importance when working on process improvements. Digitization represents a real step change these days creating new possibilities for growth and development in your enterprise.

The use of new technologies for automation and digitization allows for a better management of your enterprise resources facilitating access to:

  • Real Time Production Data pertaining to your assets.
  • Multiplatform (mobile, web) & Accessible via API (application program interface).
  • Collaborator and User Data Involved in your process.

What is OPTIS?

Software for manufacturing production management from PO receipt to Packing list and everything in between including engineering specs per part managment, work orders and non conformance reporting.

  • Machine learning to help the end user better plan for production using historical data to “train” the system.
  • Aid in reducing cost of ownership, adding reliability and scalability by providing a custom web solution which also can be hosted in the cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP).
  • Use of sensors for tracking parts and their operators throughout the process and give the end user the ability to set up their own work flows/route to match their manufacturing process.
  • Make your plant a state of the art Paperless operation.

Main Features


Configure operations, such as, work instructions, quality, among others. This feature is flexible enough to be able to create new types of operations.


Capture and edit parts configuration based on work orders with work flow supervision and authorization.


Plan production according Client Purchase Order data including historical information on actual operation durations.

Work Orders

Update and capture work orders from clients.

Route Cards

Capture and edit route cards following supervision and authorization.

Work Orders

Capture and edit work flow, as well as, tracing units during production process.

Tools and Fixtures

Capture and edit work tools, as well as, maintenance planning and follow-up.

The Trend: 4.0 Manufacturing

By 2019, 75% of Large Manufacturers Will Update Their Operations and Operating Models with IoT and Analytics-Based Situational Awareness to Mitigate Risk and Speed Time to Market
By 2019, 35% of Large Global Manufacturers with Smart Manufacturing Initiatives Will Integrate IT and OT Systems to Achieve Advantages in Efficiency and Response Time
16% Digitally transformed manufacturing companies are 16% more profitable than their peers.

Our Packages

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Entry Level


Production Modules
  • Work Orders
  • Client PO
  • Part Maintenance
  • Traveller/Route Card
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Reports
Advanced Level


All TIER 2S features + Administration Modules
  • Supplier POs
  • Purchasing
  • Warehousing
  • Reports
Top Level


All TIER 1S features + Custom Development
  • Tailor made modules based on your requirements.

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