Online Production Tracking Information System

What is OPTIS?

Software for manufacturing production management from PO receipt to Packing list and everything in between including engineering specs per part managment, work orders and non conformance reporting.


Machine learning to help the end user better plan for production using historical data to “train” the system.

Flexible and user friendly system which is web based using latest technology such as API backend and front end components that also leverage technology for increased security and enhanced data integrity thanks to a brilliant back end design.

Aid in reducing cost of ownership, adding reliability and scalability by providing a custom web solution which also can be hosted in the cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP).

Use of sensors for tracking parts and their operators throughout the process and give the end user the ability to set up their own work flows/route to match their manufacturing process.

Make your plant a state of the art Paperless operation.


  • Shop Floor Integration and Visibility
    • Accuracy of data
    • Data to Action (decision making)
    • Motivation
  • Collaborative Intelligence
    • Patterns (machine data/learning)
    • Production Planning
    • Purchasing Planning
    • Preparation for future challenges

The Trend: 4.0 Manufacturing

By 2018, Only 30% of Manufacturers Investing in Digital Transformation Will Be Able to Maximize the Outcome; the Rest Are Held Back by Outdated Business Models and Technology

By 2019, 75% of Large Manufacturers Will Update Their Operations and Operating Models with IoT and Analytics-Based Situational Awareness to Mitigate Risk and Speed Time to Market

By 2019, 35% of Large Global Manufacturers with Smart Manufacturing Initiatives Will Integrate IT and OT Systems to Achieve Advantages in Efficiency and Response Time

16% Digitally transformed manufacturing companies are 16% more profitable than their peers.

Main Features

Work Orders

Update and capture work orders from clients.


Capture and edit parts configuration based on work orders with work flow supervision and authorization.

Tools and Fixtures

Capture and edit work tools, as well as, maintenance planning and follow-up.


Configure operations, such as, work instructions, quality, among others. This feature is flexible enough to be able to create new types of operations, if required.

Route Cards

Capture and edit route cards following supervision and authorization.

Work Orders

Capture and edit work flow, as well as, tracing units during production process.


Plan production according Client Purchase Order data including historical information on actual operation durations.

Production Modules

  • Client Purchase Order and Raw Material Inventory
  • Engineering Part Revision and Control
  • Work Order Operations
  • Quality/Non Confirmance Reporting
  • Packing/Shipping
OPTIS Production Modules

Purchasing and Inventory Modules

  • Purchase Requisition Work Flow
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Issues
  • Supplier and Material catalogs
OPTIS Purchasing and Inventory Modules

Work Orders

OPTIS Work Orders

Paperless Factory

OPTIS Paperless Factory

Live dashboard

The heart of your production data available to you

OPTIS Live Dashboard

Key Performance Indicators

  • Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • On Time Delivery (% Complete of Work Orders based on PO due dates)

Reporting - Data Warehouse

Tailor reports according to your own needs thanks to the availability of datawarehouse tied sourced from OPTIS:

  • Production Cube
  • Quality Cube
  • Purchasing/Warehousing Cube